Our mining claims are GUARANTEED:

  • All paperwork and filing fees included with the purchase price of the claim.
  • Properly marked on all corners with 4' tall x 4" diameter posts, in accordance with Idaho State Statute 47-602.
  • Free from conflicting claims. 
  • To contain gold - the more the better!

"Deer Park Placer"

North Fork of the Boise River from the bridge on the claim.

This beautiful 40 acre unpatented gold mining claim is located on the North Fork of the Boise River about 18 miles north east of Idaho City. It is an amazing claim with excellent prospecting opportunities, great camping and very good road access. Right at the center of the claim is the only bridge across the North Fork of the Boise River for miles (see topo map link below). The bridge can be driven across, walked across and fished from in the spring, summer and fall. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game stocks the river with rainbow trout in this area. This makes for excellent fishing. The claim is 40 acres square (1320 ft. x 1320 ft.) and sits on just over a quarter mile of the North Fork of the Boise River.

The gold content is good with fine to medium placer, some gold in quartz and lots of garnet found with the gold. There are also two gold bearing creeks on the claim; Hunter Creek which flows onto the claim from the north and Trail Creek which enters the claim from the south. They both flow into the North Fork of the Boise River right on the claim. This makes for all kind of prospecting opportunities. The claim is well suited for panning, sluicing, crevicing, re-circulator sluicing and metal detecting. It is not currently open to recreational dredging.

There is excellent camping right on the claim on both sides of the river. In addition, there are some large campgrounds nearby which can accommodate multiple RV's or travel trailers and would be suitable for a family reunion or other large gathering. Deer Park Cabin is located just a short walk from the claim. Deer Park Cabin is a great little Forest Service cabin which can be rented for only $35 per night. It sleeps six, has a small kitchen, propane refrigerator, propane stove, propane lights, modern bathroom facilities, a fire ring with benches all around and a great front porch with amazing views of the Sawtooth Mountains and of the claim. The cabin rental is a great option for someone who would like to visit the claim but may not want to put a lot of time into preparing for a full camping trip.  

Gold on the claim is guaranteed. The claim was worked back in the late 1800's to early 1900's. You can still see the large tailing piles in several places on the claim. This claim was reclaimed in 2005 and was thoroughly re-sampled with gold found in multiple locations.  (This is a requirement by federal law for all registered mining claims). This is not a "brand new" mining claim like you might see advertised in other places. This is an established claim. You can tell by the lower IMC number which is IMC#189204. 

Also included with the purchase of the claim is the cost of the transfer paperwork, fees and recording costs. These documents will be recorded for the buyer at the counties and at the BLM once the purchase has been completed.  

The buyer will also receive complete paperwork and instructions for maintaining the claim with the counties and BLM, a detailed surface map of the claim, driving directions and GPS coordinates for all four corner posts. 

The asking price for the claim is $4500. All reasonable offers will be considered. Please contact us at (208) 440-6087 or send an email if you have questions or would like to discuss purchasing the claim.

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